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Ep. 3 Act 4 Page 4: The Gun, The Gun, The Gun

Ep. 3 Act 4 Page 4: The Gun, The Gun, The Gun published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 4 Page 4: The Gun, The Gun, The Gun

Markesha’s staring down an empty barrel, but that doesn’t mean the dangers past.
Ammunition among the HSF Lattice guards used to be free for the taking. A guard could take as many weapons and ammo as they wanted, resulting in prisoners being guarded by HSF guards armed to the teeth. It was almost a game to see who could do their job with the most weapons strapped onto their backs. One would think a well armed guard is a good thing, but this was proven to be a Bad Idea(TM) during a prison riot 20 years ago. Prisoners drugged the guards, took their plethora of weapons and the keys releasing EVERYONE inside. The convicts fought their way out of the Lattice, though the East Gate Halo Security check point, into the Outer City and then disappeared like dust on the wind.

Ever since, all weapon and ammo requests deemed “excessive” are docked from their pay at a vigorous hourly rate.

Doing Our Part

Doing Our Part published on No Comments on Doing Our Part

From now until May the 4th, we’re donating all proceeds from our book sales to the ACFB. We will also be donating any direct tips we receive, so if you’re already a proud owner of the books, you can still chip in! The ACFB is a member of Feeding America, and provide food in 29 counties across Atlanta and Northern Georgia to over 750,000 people.

Help fight off boredom and fight hunger by buying Kamikaze Volumes 1 & 2, or pre-ordering our anthology “Short Circuits”. If you’re tight up on funds, we absolutely understand. Kamikaze is a webcomic and will always be available for anyone to read for free on our website. You can also help spread the word about the cause on social media, it really does help a lot!


Do some good, read some comics, and come be a bright spot with us.

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