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Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 30: Dark Tower

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 30: Dark Tower published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 30: Dark Tower

Orson and company are taken back to the interrogation room.

The view of the inner city is one familiar to everyone in Trinity. Not for seeing it with their own eyes, but through media. Trinity has no problem showcasing their beautiful city amid the waving leaves of green crops as an example of their power and bounty to everyone inside and outside the Wall. Even prisoners are given views of the city, as a means to inspire intimidation and awe. For Orson, it doesn’t inspire either of those feelings…

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 29: Bugged Out

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 29: Bugged Out published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 29: Bugged Out

Markesha runs into an unexpected resident of the Wall!

The ARKN-78, otherwise known as a “Wall Bug” were originally built not as masonry repair bots, but as Wall security droids during the Waycross war. After the war, the droids became less needed after ballistics cannons were installed on top of the wall. So, the fleet of ARKN-78’s were retired and thrown in storage. Years later the wall was in desperate need of repairs, and with no volunteers, the ARKN-78’s were repurposed. Trading their ammunition for masonry tools these bots can be seen crawling on the outside of the wall like bugs, hence their name, “Wall Bugs.” Their reputation as fearsome guardians of the Wall hasn’t changed much in Outer Trinity, and the High Houses aren’t in much of a hurry to change the impression either.

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 28: Vantage

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 28: Vantage published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 28: Vantage

Markesha sees her home from an entirely new perspective.

It’s rare for anyone in the Outer City to ever see the breathtaking view from the Wall with their own eyes. There are only a few people in the HSF allowed to patrol the summit of the Wall, and far fewer from the Inner City who ever bother to take a look beyond the Wall which protects them. Markesha’s vantage point is a rare one indeed, as there are no observation areas or windows overlooking the outer city.

The Inner City, sticking to its name, doesn’t look outward, only inward on itself.

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 27: Eat It, Too.

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 27: Eat It, Too. published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 27: Eat It, Too.

Markesha corrects with Audrey’s quick action, but the engineer may have overcompensated in her panic. Just a little. Okay, a lot.

The building codes and constant shifting of the outer city skyline means half of Markesha’s time is spent testing surfaces to find out if they’re stable or not. Sometimes that flimsy looking corrugated tin roof is steady as a rock. Sometimes that solid concrete wall will crumble away at the slightest pressure. Either way if there’s one lesson Markesha’s had to learn to live with it’s this: Falling is a given. Getting up is the important part.

Happy New Year, thank you so much for being a huge part of what makes Kamikaze the awesome experience it is!

This was a Triumph!

This was a Triumph! published on No Comments on This was a Triumph!

The Animated Short and Comic Anthology Kickstarter just wrapped, and thanks to you it was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who backed, shared, or just generally cheered us on during this big climb over the past month! We’re excited about finally bringing Kamikaze to the screen, and bringing more creators into the fold to share their own Kamikaze stories.

Right now, the team is going to get some rest. We’ll be back at things full force next week as Markesha continues her climb up the wall!

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 25: Have Your Cake

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 25: Have Your Cake published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 25: Have Your Cake

Sometimes, you don’t need no stinking gravity pack.

We have just 6 days left on the Animated Short and Comics Anthology Kickstarter, and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Spread the word and donate if you can!

Despite all odds, the phrase “Piece of cake” has persisted in common use throughout Trinity. No one is really certain where the phrase came from, or why it means what it does. There’s even some strong contention on the entire concept of a cake being large enough to have pieces. Regardless, the saying remains.

Break Post: Across the Gap

Break Post: Across the Gap published on No Comments on Break Post: Across the Gap

Hey all! We’re hard at work with the Animated Short and Anthology Kickstarter, but still wanted to give you a shiny image this week! Go check out the Kickstarter if you haven’t had a chance, we’re just under two weeks away from our deadline and need your help to make this campaign a success!

Speaking of the Kickstarter, here’s a few awesome videos from the campaign you should check out. First up is an interview with Dani Chambers, our voice actress for Markesha!

And next, we’ve got an amazing character introduction video for Toro Blackthorne. Yes THAT Toro Blackthorne! He’s our villain for the animated short, and he’s voiced by the incredible Jonathan Young!

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 24: Defying Gravity

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 24: Defying Gravity published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 24: Defying Gravity

Markesha didn’t fall, but the next jump is the make or break moment!

Thank you to all our supporters who’ve backed and shared our Kickstarter! If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, Kamikaze is getting a short animated pilot made! We’re just over a week into the campaign, and we’ve already raised 11k of the 27k goal. Help us take Markesha’s gravity-defying exploits to new heights here! ->

Working with the pack that can mess with gravity means odd things can happen to the human body. Audrey’s had to ensure that consumption of any kind of gas emitting foods or beverages are verboten before a run. This wouldn’t normally be an issue for the human body, but paired with constant warping gravity, normal human gas functions can cause an operative incapacitating stomach pains.

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