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Pg. 33: Forced Asset

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Markesha’s run out of pavement to pound. Audrey realizes just how much she’s messed up their coworkers first day.

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Markesha’s recruitment has been a unique process for Orson’s team. The usual route for hiring a new recruit is through the Razors. Orson favored using Razor’s as they came with training, were moderately fit, and above all else knew how to take orders. The worst first day any recruit had before this was when their new asset casually let slip a few details about his new job to a friend. Audrey and Link immediately scrambled into hiding. Orson had to keep his profile low, while continuing his contributions to the Razors. The whole team was separated for nearly a month. Some time during this hiatus the loose lipped recruit mysteriously disappeared.

Pg. 32: Edge of the Inferno

Pg. 32: Edge of the Inferno published on No Comments on Pg. 32: Edge of the Inferno

As Link and Audrey discuss their options Markesha’s getting away. Or is she?

Technology is the name of the game for the Pierce House sponsored gang known as the DireDogs. Commonly referred to as “the Dogs” (much to the annoyance of certain members) the gang is made up of two factions: one part mercenary spyders, and one part street muscle. With a flair for theatrics, every member is provided a lighted uniform and unsettling mask. These masks are worn for all DireDog business, providing wearers with instant communication, keener perception, voice changing capabilities and a semblance of anonymity. This sense of anonymity gives gang members a bolder attitude toward the outside world. The Dogs have been expanding into the Razors territory at every opportunity. So, Toro assigned “fixing the mutt problem,” to Carmen. These tech hounds have been a constant thorn to the Lieutenant Commander, and Carmen’s all too eager to be rid of them.

Pg. 31: Spark, Glitch, Crash

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Miscommunications run rampant when Markesha’s comm-unit glitches out. She can hear them, but they can’t hear her!

The best way to collect fresh water in Outer Trinity is by rain barrel. When a large storm system comes through, rain barrels are shoved under every possible spout, awning, overhang, and roof line. Though water isn’t scarce in Trinity by any means thanks to the Trinity river that flows east of the city, rain water is cleaner by a a large margin. River water must be filtered multiple times using expensive filtration units – which means truly clean water is only available to those who can afford it. But the script flips when storm clouds stack up! Even the elite within Inner Trinity who can afford the best of filtration systems, use rain barrels when storms roll through.

Pg. 30: Head Over Heels

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Markesha’s beginning to get the hang of the Pack. Sort of.

Part of the fun of training a new recruit is getting them acclimated to using the Anti-Gravity Pack. Once simple actions, such as walking, become so exaggerated at zero-G that Orson’s agents effectively must learn to move in a totally different way. In Link’s opinion this makes for a pretty entertaining show. Jackal’s first experience was in a more controlled environment than Markesha, and he still made an idiot of himself. Further, approximately 57% of past recruits had violent gastrointestinal reactions to their body fluctuating between normal gravity and zero-G. As such Orson’s ensured the team has a small trash bin nearby during the first tests on new recruits.

Pg. 29: Conflicted

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Markesha’s out of radio range, Audrey and Link are out of options. Time for Hail Mary #2.

Turf wars between gangs in Outer Trinity have a long and sordid history. Gangs have been around so long in Trinity that their actions have affected even the very founding of the city. As the Withering spread across the landscape, local gangs pulled together serving as ad-hoc police forces, guarding resources, and protecting Trinity’s early settlers. But history is never clean and peaceful forever. The very first power grab by gangs created a civil war that nearly wiped the city off the map, until Inner City leaders stepped in with financial sponsorship to keep them from infighting. As the years marched on many things have changed, but the fear of getting caught in a turf battle between two rival gangs is ever present.

Holiday Hiatus: Sneak Peek 2019!

Holiday Hiatus: Sneak Peek 2019! published on No Comments on Holiday Hiatus: Sneak Peek 2019!

Hi all! Our intrepid writer and character cleanup artist Carrie has been struggling with some health problems these past few weeks. We decided to give her a break and show you something else exciting instead! We’re coming up on an exciting milestone: the first reprint of Kamikaze Volume 1! This is the rough, work-in-progress sneak peek at the new cover for the reprint. It’s been so exciting to realize that our fans have brought us to the brink of this, and we can’t wait to share more with you as things progress!

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Holiday Hiatus: A True Believer

Holiday Hiatus: A True Believer published on No Comments on Holiday Hiatus: A True Believer

Merry Christmas! We’re on break this week, and we’ll resume the story next week. Link really, really loves his Lumenox (Trinity Christmas) Holiday TV Specials.

Every Lumenox, Inner Trinity broadcasts a collection of Holiday Specials to the Halo and Outer Trinity. These TV programs are largely targeted at children, but some have ended up becoming favorites which appeal to the whole household. As a holiday centered on remembering the struggle to survive the first few winters after the founding of Trinity, Lumenox has the potential to be quite grim. This is generally not the direction taken with the Holiday Specials, which instead focus on the generosity of the High Houses of Trinity, and the importance of loyalty and perseverance. Naturally the Specials are also crammed to the gills with advertisements for toys, food supplements, and high-interest short-term holiday loans.

Pg. 28: Safety Concerns

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Audrey tries to convince the Rabbit to stop running.

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When working on Orson’s team certain safety protocols are in place depending on the situation that the team runs up against. Obviously, there’s the panic code protocols for when a team member is in serious trouble, but Orson has put other protocols in place. These include but are not limited to: client transfer operations, etiquette for meeting with Inner City or Outlander leaders, inclement weather, or Audrey’s tech making base of operations unlivable. Orson’s gone as far as creating protocols in the event of his own death, but Audrey’s the only team member he’s trusted with this information.

Pg. 27: Initiating

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Markesha gets a first taste of what Audrey’s tech can do!

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Anti-grav technology throughout Trinity works largely due to experimental technology developed in the 22nd century by the near-mythical Icarus Group. The mind behind this science is largely uncredited, but many believe it stemmed from Dr. Zola M Adebayo. Using a system known as the Dedalus Engine The Icarus Group found a method to “de-grav” solid structures, rendering them much lighter than their normal state. Technically speaking the Dedalus Engine is a unique success because it managed to do what other anti-grav systems could not – it only affected the structure itself rather than the entire surrounding area. Early vehicle anti-grav tests had problems with occupants unable to keep their feet on the ground (or the brake/accelerator pedals for that matter). Audrey was inspired by and heavily references Dr. Adebayo’s research in her own experimental tech, even though her packs ultimately behave like older “field effect” models.

Pg. 26: Failover

Pg. 26: Failover published on No Comments on Pg. 26: Failover

Both Audrey and Link have come up empty, and Link suggests more direct means of stopping Markesha.

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Over the years, cranial implant technology has progressed. As a consequence, it’s no longer necessary for a impantee to sport external contacts, which are vulnerable to corrosion and mechanical failures. Newer models are completely subdermal, and invisible to the naked eye. This has created a bit of a cultural conundrum in some social circles, where augmentations are signs of social status. The popular creative solution is to tattoo stylized representations of implants on one’s skin. Link, always interested in boosting his social credentials, has opted to follow suit.

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