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Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 40: Discovery

Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 40: Discovery published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 40: Discovery

Markesha’s found Orson, and he’s with more company than she bargained for. This ends Act 3! Tune in next for the beginning of the thrilling conclusion to Episode 3!

In a world filled with dust you can expect that dust to get…well, everywhere. While both the inner and outer city use filtration systems in individual homes, the Halo is unique in that the Wall itself has filtration systems built into the structure. They’re replaced every month but dust, inevitably gets in places one would least expect. On several occasions elevators have ground to a halt with the friction of collected dust inside their shafts. Renovations of Upper Halo Houses will check on their plumbing or wiring only to find the very walls stuffed with sand. Most recently an officers quarters was found, that housed the earliest version of the HSF some 200 years old. The entire room and every surface inside was covered in a thick layer of sand blown in from the dust storms long past.

Doing Our Part

Doing Our Part published on No Comments on Doing Our Part

From now until May the 4th, we’re donating all proceeds from our book sales to the ACFB. We will also be donating any direct tips we receive, so if you’re already a proud owner of the books, you can still chip in! The ACFB is a member of Feeding America, and provide food in 29 counties across Atlanta and Northern Georgia to over 750,000 people.

Help fight off boredom and fight hunger by buying Kamikaze Volumes 1 & 2, or pre-ordering our anthology “Short Circuits”. If you’re tight up on funds, we absolutely understand. Kamikaze is a webcomic and will always be available for anyone to read for free on our website. You can also help spread the word about the cause on social media, it really does help a lot!


Do some good, read some comics, and come be a bright spot with us.

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 35: Ooh Yeah

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 35: Ooh Yeah published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 35: Ooh Yeah

The cavalry has arrived, and they’ve got concrete!

In the times since the Withering, weather patterns have gotten more powerful and unpredictable. Massive hurricanes aren’t only a problem to those crossing the oceans, but a serious danger to those on land as well. Trinity is roughly two hours from the coastline, but a Category Kamikaze storm making landfall can still have the same effect as a High Cat 3 or Low Cat 4 Hurricane today. Flooding, especially on Riverside is virtually guaranteed, where as other parts of the city will face massive wind damage. Houses on the outskirts of the Outer City are rarely left standing, leaving scores of citizens homeless. In the past, the Halo’s lower levels have been flooded, and the Inner City has seen serious damage to not only their cropland but their high-rise buildings.

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 34: Laugh It Up

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 34: Laugh It Up published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 34: Laugh It Up

Orson calls out Ifrit’s desperate move for the hilarity it is.

Historically the HSF Headquarters was housed within the Inner City itself. As the Wall grew, and viable building space became scarce, the HSF was relocated to the Halo in 2154. Over the years as the Wall became taller so did the HSF HQ. The foundations of the original offices are now laundry facilities inside the Lattice itself. Now, major HSF offices are at every cardinal point of the wall, but the main HQ is stationed above the Lattice. Recently renovated, thanks to a substantial amount of money from House Pierce, the new HQ is something the Halo has taken great pride in. It sports everything from state of the art forensics labs, HIVE security archives, a Hoverport, and of course an interrogation chamber. The observation gallery was included by Logan’s suggestion.

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 33: Traitor’s Regrets

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 33: Traitor’s Regrets published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 33: Traitor’s Regrets

Everett asks Constance some pointed questions about Orson.

The Apple Tree is one of four crowning jewels of the Halo. The others are an Oak Tree, a Peach Tree, and a Maple Tree. Due to the Withering such plants are exceedingly rare, and were given to the Halo as gifts from the Inner City to mark historical or important events in the city history. The trees are placed at the Halo’s true North (Peach), South (Maple), East (Oak), and West (Apple). Residents of the Halo will attribute their directional tree as a reference for where they live, as in, “I”m from Maple, but they’re from the Peach area.”

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