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Orson Stykes

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To Orson you’re either an asset or you’re dead. Leader of the rogue sabotage unit Markesha works for, he’s the brains behind Kamikaze’s kinetic brawn.

Orson is determined to force a regime change in the city-state they call home. Beneath his stoic facade is a laser focused, two-faced strategist bent on advancing his own vengeful agenda by any means necessary.

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The Creators

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From left to right: Carrie Tupper, Alan Tupper and Havana Nguyen.
From left to right: Carrie Tupper, Alan Tupper and Havana Nguyen.

Alan Tupper (@thattupperkid)

Background Artist, Layouts, Character Roughs

As an artist, storyteller, and habitual world-builder, Alan spends a lot of time jotting down ideas. He’s worked on multiple projects including Outer There (IFC), The Awesomes Seasons 1 & 2 (Hulu), and transmedia projects for Toonix and The Electric Company (Cartoon Networks Latin America, PBS respectively). His work on Kamikaze includes world and story development, background design, character design, and writing. The team’s go-to guy for all things science and tech related, Alan is a sci-fi geek, virtual world enthusiast, and feared wherever coffee products are sold.


Carrie Tupper (@mermaidshells)

Writer, Ink & Paint

A freelance artist committed to the craft of storytelling, Carrie has put her passion for animation and story to use across multiple mediums. She is been central to the design and development of the narrative, characters, and world of Kamikaze. Throughout the process Carrie fills art director, writer and producer roles. She acts as team production coordinator, media relations manager and does all this while producing finalized character illustrations. Carrie is a Photoshop wizard, voracious researcher, contributing writer for The Mary Sue, and a devoted scholar of storytelling.


Havana Nguyen (@havanatweets)

Character Clean-Up, Lettering

Though adept at marketing, Havana’s natural talents flourish as a freelance artist and graphic designer. Her role as Kamikaze’s pitch production and clean up artist includes everything from character illustration, logo design,  media relations, marketing manager and official idea sounding board. Havana is an Illustrator ninja, ex-introvert, animation geek, Brazilian Jiu-Jistu practitioner, and the team’s only fashionista. Her work can be found at


Other Contributors

Jamel Jones (@JamelArt)

Concept Artist, Wall Tales Contributor


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Perched on the massive wall, Kamikaze watches the moon rise over Inner Trinity.

If you are interested in covering Kamikaze, we have a press kit that contains a quick bio, the logo, and promotional image files.

Kamikaze Press Kit

 Feel free to email us at contact [at]


The Setting

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Two hundred years ago, nearly all the plant-life on Earth suddenly perished.

Now, with the planet a global dustbowl, the remnants of Humanity struggle to rebuild a civilization around the last remaining pockets of fertile cropland. Powerful factions fight for dominion over this precious resource, while the less fortunate scratch out what life they can on the fringes.

Welcome to Earth, 2235.

tinity skyline
Welcome to Trinity

Deep in the former American Heartland lies one of the largest corporate city-states: Trinity. Surrounded by the dense slums of Outer Trinity, the city is fortified against invaders and the brutal elements alike. A great ring Wall separates the chaos outside the wall from the precious cropland within.

Rising from the center of the cropland is the pristine metropolis of Inner Trinity, home to the Highborn of the ruling corporate houses. Everywhere in Trinity the fight for power and influence continues without pause day and night. Only the foolish would dare to pretend otherwise.


Inner Trinity:

Corporations of the past have devolved into feudal houses, with the largest houses being House Heritage, House Cornerstone, and House Pierce.  In the metropolis of Inner Trinity, the Highborn live in technological luxury with each corporate house vying for control of the city and its fortified cropland. Sabotage and subterfuge is commonplace, fueled by mercenary hackers known as Spyders.



Outer Trinity:

Over the towering Wall, the Outer City’s impoverished residents struggle for survival in a ramshackle civilization. House-sponsored gangs fight for street supremacy and control the flow of resources and security drones police the skies. The threats of starvation and violent storms are omnipresent.


The Outlands:

Beyond the city limits lay the uncharted Outlands, filled with the rusting remains of the old world. Only the nomadic Outlanders dare to call this barren land their home. They are feared and shunned by those who value the relative safety of the cities. Nevertheless, their ingenuity and ferocity makes them well suited to thrive among the chaos of the Outlands.

Follow Us

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Kamikaze fanart
Fanart at Dan Howard at

Our objective is to take Kamikaze from webcomic to animated series, and we can’t do that without fans like you.

Kamikaze is a big, ambitious project. It breaks many molds of traditional animated TV series. In order to get it on the air, we need the support of fans of all stripes.

The show is for people who have grown up watching great animated shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. We think it’s about time animated stories grew up too.

We are proud to be a fan-driven project. If you want to see something like Kamikaze on the air, we’d love your support.


How You Can Help
1. Share the comic with friends, family, coworkers and fellow potential fans!

2. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Tumblr for sneak peeks of new pages, swag and art team shenanigans.

3. Ping us at contact [at] for a fan kit!

Follow us to get more news about the project, get sneak peeks at more artwork, and learn more about the world of Kamikaze.

Our Mission

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The TV industry is largely structured around telling new creators “No.”

When Kim Possible was being vetted for Disney, executives took the creators on a three time nationwide screening because they weren’t confident the series would do well. They were looking for an excuse to say no, and this was with incredibly talented and established creators in the animation field. The creators of Kim Possible had to go through that roller coaster in 2001. Since then, it’s only gotten worse.

We don’t think it’s fair for you, our audience, or us as creators to wait around for someone to give us permission to tell the story.

Does that mean we haven’t pitched the series? No. 

So the executives didn’t like the idea? Absolutely not. Just about every executive we pitched to adored the story, characters and world. No one turned us away and many were shocked we didn’t enter the pitch competition.

The problem we kept running into was that Kamikaze isn’t for kids, and more importantly we didn’t have an established audience (aka fanbase). Executives knew their corporations wouldn’t go for such a ‘risky’ idea. 

Does that mean we’re giving up on animation? Nope! The mission is still to get Kamikaze made into an animated series. 
Our hope is that through the webcomic we can build an army of people as passionate about Kamikaze as we are. This is only the beginning.


So how can you help? Find out here ….


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