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We are currently seeking opportunities to pitch Kamikaze.

Are you a network, studio, or agent? A full pitch document is available upon request.

To get in touch, email us at contact [at]

Are you a fan who just wants to say hi? Feel free to send an email or connect with us on Facebook or Tumblr!

  • JJ the Pikazard

    Hello, I’m an aspiring animator and I was wondering if you had any tips that you could share with me.

  • AlanTupper

    Hey there, sorry for the delay in getting to you! There’s a whole ton of different bits of advice regarding animation and they’re all important depending on what part of the process you’re most interested in. As far as general advice, here goes:
    1. Animation is rarely a solitary line of work. Get good at working well with others and accepting constructive critique. The last animated series I was a member of had a crew of roughly 100 people and that was a *small* one.

    2. Get curious and experiment around with different parts of the production pipeline. Not only will this help you figure out where you want to land in the industry, it’ll also help you figure out how your strengths and contributions line up in the bigger picture.
    3. Make a habit out of practicing. Animation is a skill just like any other, and you don’t want those skills to become rusty.
    4. Study the work of creators you admire closely. If there’s a bit of acting or effect-work you really like, break it down frame by frame to figure out how they pulled it off.
    5. Animation is, ultimately, a form of acting and visual storytelling. Make sure to dig into those topic areas and understand how you can make them work for you.

    Thanks again for your patience!

  • JJ the Pikazard