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  • Violet

    Really impressive. Loved that the opening immediately grabs your attention (reminded me of the opening scene of the Breaking Bad pilot, in that way). No boring intro to the world, no lengthy explanations- you get a sense of the world right from the get go, in the midst of action and (unrelenting) violence. Also, some of the frames with the motion blur effect make it look like it’s from an actual animated scene! Overall, it’s immersive, intense and ends with a cliffhanger that is subtle, but not vague- just enough to shroud us in mystery and suspense. Can’t wait til the next scene!

  • Balla

    I join this journey now

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  • mintyminty

    starting to read now… hehe

  • Rateus

    3 years of story to catch-up on starting with a beautiful intriguing Sci-Fi-eqsue setting. Don’t mind if I do 🙂

  • ThatoneHarlequin

    how interesting