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Holiday Hiatus – Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

5 Comments on Holiday Hiatus – Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Audrey buries herself in work on the new pack.

A huge thank you to all our readers for another great year!

The loss of Jackal didn’t “hit” the team immediately. When the shock finally wore off, the grief nearly caused Orson’s team to implode. Jackal was the longest lasting of the recruits, working with the team for an impressive year and a half. For Orson, he was the perfect soldier he’d wanted. For Link, Jackal was a friend and confidant he sorely needed. For Audrey, Jackal’s brotherly bond was the family kinship she secretly missed, and why the loss of Jackal hit her the hardest.  From the Official Kamikaze Wiki Entry “Losing Jackal”


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  • Rateus

    Digital photo frames have come on despite the apocalypse.

    This comic hit home, my mum’s brother died this year, his wife asked the family not to send Xmas cards because it would just remind her that he’s gone. I’d already written one but not posted it, so now it’s in my sock draw because for some reason I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I see it every morning as a reminder :-/

  • So sorry to hear about your uncle and his wife! Christmas can be so hard when you’ve lost a loved one. If you see either your mom or his wife any time soon give them a hug from us.

  • Otterkit

    Oh I want to give Audrey a hug after this image…

  • She’d probably take it. Audrey’s a sucker for hugs. 🙂

  • Rateus

    Thanks Carrie. My mom stayed with us for a week over Christmas which was really nice.