Two centuries after a global ecological disaster, the worlds of a mysterious covert operation and a young courier collide when a critical mission is blown.

Markesha Nin only wants one thing: to find a better life for herself and her father. Hell bent on escaping the only home she’s ever known for a better place, she takes a risky job that blows up in her face. Caught in a deadly trap with nowhere to turn, her only chance at finding a better life could ensnare her in a dangerous game she may never escape.

Kamikaze is an award winning webcomic series inspired in equal parts by popular sci-fi, animation, and a wide range of current affairs. With a rich world and complex character driven storylines the series is an action-packed tale with an intimate dramatic heart.

Pg. 27: Initiating

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Markesha gets a first taste of what Audrey’s tech can do! Anti-grav technology throughout Trinity works largely due to experimental technology developed in the 22nd century by the near-mythical Icarus Group. The mind behind this science is largely uncredited, but many believe it stemmed from Dr. Zola M Adebayo. Using a system known as the… Continue reading Pg. 27: Initiating

Pg. 28: Safety Concerns

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Audrey tries to convince the Rabbit to stop running. When working on Orson’s team certain safety protocols are in place depending on the situation that the team runs up against. Obviously, there’s the panic code protocols for when a team member is in serious trouble, but Orson has put other protocols in place. These include… Continue reading Pg. 28: Safety Concerns

Holiday Hiatus: A True Believer

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Merry Christmas! We’re on break this week, and we’ll resume the story next week. Link really, really loves his Lumenox (Trinity Christmas) Holiday TV Specials. Every Lumenox, Inner Trinity broadcasts a collection of Holiday Specials to the Halo and Outer Trinity. These TV programs are largely targeted at children, but some have ended up becoming… Continue reading Holiday Hiatus: A True Believer

Holiday Hiatus: Sneak Peek 2019!

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Hi all! Our intrepid writer and character cleanup artist Carrie has been struggling with some health problems these past few weeks. We decided to give her a break and show you something else exciting instead! We’re coming up on an exciting milestone: the first reprint of Kamikaze Volume 1! This is the rough, work-in-progress sneak… Continue reading Holiday Hiatus: Sneak Peek 2019!

Pg. 29: Conflicted

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Markesha’s out of radio range, Audrey and Link are out of options. Time for Hail Mary #2. Turf wars between gangs in Outer Trinity have a long and sordid history. Gangs have been around so long in Trinity that their actions have affected even the very founding of the city. As the Withering spread across… Continue reading Pg. 29: Conflicted

Pg. 30: Head Over Heels

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Markesha’s beginning to get the hang of the Pack. Sort of. Part of the fun of training a new recruit is getting them acclimated to using the Anti-Gravity Pack. Once simple actions, such as walking, become so exaggerated at zero-G that Orson’s agents effectively must learn to move in a totally different way. In Link’s… Continue reading Pg. 30: Head Over Heels