Two centuries after a global ecological disaster, the worlds of a mysterious covert operation and a young courier collide when a critical mission is blown.

Markesha Nin only wants one thing: to find a better life for herself and her father. Hell bent on escaping the only home she’s ever known for a better place, she takes a risky job that blows up in her face. Caught in a deadly trap with nowhere to turn, her only chance at finding a better life could ensnare her in a dangerous game she may never escape.

Kamikaze is an award winning webcomic series inspired in equal parts by popular sci-fi, animation, and a wide range of current affairs. With a rich world and complex character driven storylines the series is an action-packed tale with an intimate dramatic heart.

Pg. 13: Primer

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Audrey gives Markesha an overdue formal introduction to the gravity pack, and some important rules to go along with it. Given the number of times Audrey has had to introduce new recruits to her technology the “Rules Speech” (as Link likes to call it) has gone through some significant changes. Originally it was a 73… Continue reading Pg. 13: Primer

Pg. 14: Vented

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Markesha learns more about the Pack while Audrey practices her English (and interpersonal) skills. The Venting feature has been a standard function of the Pack’s design for each iteration. Exactly HOW the pack is vented changed from user to user. Part of the on-boarding process is Audrey and Orson working on the best possible multi… Continue reading Pg. 14: Vented

Pg. 15: Conserved Energy

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Audrey gives Markesha a crash course in the gravity pack power systems, leaving Markesha with something new to think about. With every iteration of the Pack built, Audrey tries to make adjustments beneficial to the user and the team as a whole. Drain rate is one improvement she’s managed to consistently improve. Past versions of… Continue reading Pg. 15: Conserved Energy

Pg. 16: Knock Knock

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Link and Audrey explain the plan for infiltrating the Wall, but Markesha’s got questions. Cut the wall in half and you could read it’s age and structure much like a geologist could read soil. Newer construction is expanded up and around the older structures. Due to simple practicality the Wall had to be smooth on… Continue reading Pg. 16: Knock Knock

Pg. 17: Basic Communication

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Audrey provides an electrifying conclusion to her crash course, and finally makes the apology she’s been dying to make. Given the experimental nature of both the gravity pack and the infiltration suit, Audrey prefers to fabricate each component individually with room for individual modifications as the situation changes. Under normal circumstances, the extensive training and… Continue reading Pg. 17: Basic Communication

Pg. 18: Retrofit

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The gloves are integrated into the suit, but Markesha has one more modification to make. During her time working for Franco’s Delivery Service, Markesha was never a fan of Franco’s unique method of advertising. Advertisements for the shop were spray-painted onto any empty flat surface Franco could find. When deliveries were slow, runners were sent… Continue reading Pg. 18: Retrofit

Pg. 19: Debut

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Markesha’s made some striking modifications to the suit. Past recruits never made any alterations to the suit beyond hardware. Link’s suggested “tricking out” suits on multiple occasions, but no one’s had the desire, creativity or much less skill to do it. In Orson’s opinion adding patterns or color wouldn’t provide function of any sort. The… Continue reading Pg. 19: Debut

Pg. 20 When It Comes Together

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The last few adjustments to the suit are made as Audrey and Markesha have a heart-to-heart. The magnetic locking system that attaches the gravity pack to the suit is the result of countless hours of trial and error by Audrey. Earlier systems used mechanical locks, which had several critical problems. Dust and other debris would… Continue reading Pg. 20 When It Comes Together

Pg. 21: Alias

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With a solemn promise made, Markesha strikes out on her very first mission. Over the years Orson’s worked with a plethora of people who’ve had a wide array of call-signs. Comm-line communication has been a staple throughout his career. The process of finding a call-sign is a personal one, and Orson’s detailed attention to each… Continue reading Pg. 21: Alias

Hiatus Post: The Prestige

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Hey all! Carrie’s illness has been a bit more than we were expecting, but she’s on the mend! This week we bring you Markesha’s destination: The King and Queen Towers of Outer Trinity. Largely a tourist trap for Inner Trinity denizens looking for an exciting place to slum it, the King and Queen towers are… Continue reading Hiatus Post: The Prestige