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Pg. 08: Guilty Gearhead

8 Comments on Pg. 08: Guilty Gearhead

Audrey’s introduction to Markesha is punctuated by an unexpected shot of adrenaline.

Successful attempts to use anti-grav vehicles for over-ocean travel are few and far between. This leaves immigration and trade over vast oceans left to decrepit Old World ships such as cargo carriers. Travel papers are non-existent for seafaring vessels, as the job of identification and registration is left to city-states. With enough money the process of traveling and gaining citizenship in a city-state like Trinity is a pleasant experience. For those without ample cash it’s a brutal all-around slog.  From The Official Kamikaze Wiki Entry “Ocean Travel Experience”


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  • Rateus

    Stone the crows!

    I guess some of the big ships out there become like mobile city states in that scenario…

  • AlanTupper

    That would be a great premise for a spinoff story!

  • Sandman366

    That sounds like more than “a bit”….

    ….wait, adrenaline? She couldn’t move fast/well enough?

  • Meanwhile Toshi is in the other room “Hey could you maim my daughter a little quieter please?”

  • Rateus

    “What do you mean ‘warning dangerous side effects including heart attack’?” ;-p

  • LMAO!!! xD

  • Sandman366

    “Heart attack”? I’d be more worried about her going bullet time….