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Pg. 10: Ace Up The Sleeve

3 Comments on Pg. 10: Ace Up The Sleeve

Orson’s made sure to capitalize on his encounter with Markesha and Toshi, and it’s time to find out everything about them.

So ends Act One!  Team Kamikaze will be taking a short hiatus, then resuming Episode Two, Act Two.

Even on relatively calm nights, it’s not uncommon for great plumes of dust to wend their way through and above the streets of Outer Trinity.  Wind funnels through narrow alleyways, sometimes catching up unsuspecting pedestrians in sudden blasts of dust.


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  • Purphoros

    Well, that explains why “Dust” is a swear in trinity city.

  • Sandman366

    The kid you couldn’t wait 4 more seconds for?

    That’s what you’re dealing with.

  • Rateus

    What an intriguing final page.