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Pg. 10: Dust Up, Guns Up

4 Comments on Pg. 10: Dust Up, Guns Up

As Outer Trinity streets turn to chaos, Julian plays the hero as Orson runs for cover. Too bad they’re both on the HSF wanted list.

HSF forces aren’t known for their kindness or patience with Outer Trinity natives. The HSF’s shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach makes for a populace that distrusts them at best and actively flees in terror at worst.

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  • Rateus

    So sweepstake, fantastic escape or amazingly bust out of prison by Markesha in her training mission?

    Or inconveniently shot to death in the street 🙁

  • A rescue mission would be a terrible idea. Right now Orson operates that little outfit under a veil of secrecy. It would look mighty suspicious if Kamikaze broke him out of jail.
    Besides, they clearly have the resources to arrest him again if he ever showed his face in public, which would terribly limit his options and influence.
    It’s probably better for him to peacefully go along, let him get questioned, and finally negotiate his own freedom when he points out they have nothing but speculation against him.

  • Rateus

    That is a very good point. I hadn’t thought that through sufficiently. I hope his team are more like you than me!

  • Rateus

    Dust up, guns up. Suns out, guns out. Night time, guns time.

    It’s always guns o’clock 🙁