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Pg. 12: Shattered and Shackled

5 Comments on Pg. 12: Shattered and Shackled

Orson and Julian are nabbed by the HSF, leaving a wake of dust and destruction behind them.

The Apex PHD-02 “Aphid” has been the go-to hovercraft for the bulk of HSF field operations for nearly 2 decades.  The model boasts an impressive capacity for its size; up to 7 (1 pilot, 6 passengers).  House Apex has been notoriously cagey about how they managed this impressive feat, citing proprietary engine technology. They have also been quick to downplay reports of nausea, rashes, and blurred vision by some flight and maintenance crews. Nevertheless, the Aphid has a nearly legendary ability to take damage and limp back to base, making it a favorite for pretty much any operation outside the Wall.

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  • Rateus

    It’s nice when the bad guys are absolute a-holes so you can be absolutely sure which side you’re rooting for.

  • Ebonbolt

    It’s bad when the cops are absolute a-holes… which (I’d guess) is kind of the point of this particular page.

  • Rateus

    Absolutely! Made me think of the Offspring song LAPD.

  • I love how nonchalant he is through all of this.

  • Rateus

    He is That Damned Cool!