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Pg. 13: Unexpected Behavior

11 Comments on Pg. 13: Unexpected Behavior

Back at the Nin apartment, Toshi is less than impressed with Markesha’s behavior.

Vaccinations are a known and available quantity in Trinity, although access is predictably limited by one’s ability to pay for them.  They are widely embraced, with some more charitably minded Houses providing highly popular discount events in Outer Trinity.  It is also common knowledge that there was some superstition surrounding vaccines in the World Before the Withering.  This is largely regarded as evidence that the World Before was full of fools.

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  • Rateus

    Chomp. Fight or flight activated! You’ll need a shot as well now Audrey!

    Vaccinated and chipped? Am I your pet now?!?

  • “Vaccinated and chipped? Am I your pet now?!?”

  • Otterkit

    Ohhh Audrey. Honey. You aren’t helping.

  • She BIT her?!
    That is NOT what she meant when she said it could hurt “a bit!”

  • Dogma

    Dear god, Markesha, they work under the guy that tailed you to your apartment using a tracer concealed in a cufflink. You didn’t known that, but you suspected you were followed by a hive and knew enough to watch out.

    None of this is meant to decry the comic, the writing and art are great. I’m especially impressed with the relationship between Toshi and Markesha…actually just Markesha in general, you really capture teenage angst well.

  • Darkfeather21

    Yeah, no, I’d say that is a perfectly valid reaction to someone shoving a gun-like object into your back and it causing enough pain to make you scream and send a shit-load of bird flying away.

  • Nah, but it’s definitely what Markesha took from it, eh? xD

  • Nope. She really isn’t.

  • But was it Markesha who screamed? Or was it Audrey?

  • It’s been an off week all around for Markesha. xD

    And thanks so much for the compliments! I really love writing Toshi and Markesha scenes. Writing for Markesha in general is hella fun! It means a lot that you enjoy the teams work. Thanks for letting us know. Comments like yours help keep us going. 🙂

  • Darkfeather21