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Pg. 14: Mad Dad

8 Comments on Pg. 14: Mad Dad

Toshi’s lost all patience for Markesha’s outbursts and gives her a sharp talking to.

Family drama between former recruits have been a non-issue for the team until now. Markesha’s a unique case in many ways, but having Toshi around changes things quite a bit for the team. Past contenders for the job were thrown out of the running when it was discovered they had close family ties.

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  • Rateus

    Awkward! It’s a shaming and humbling experience when your parents show they are disappointed in you in front of people.

    I’m willing to bet Markesha is fine with knives, but I don’t want to see that scene because I’m too squeamish!

  • Sandman366

    Reprimands one child, all three people look scolded and guilty.

    It’s just a shame he can’t see the fruits of his effort.

  • Rateus

    It looks as though you could feel that atmosphere so I’m sure he knows 🙂

  • Toshi’s “Dad Voice” game is on point.

  • Markesha likes knives as much as she likes guns. Which isn’t much. xD

  • Rateus

    Understandable. Weapons make me uncomfortable.

  • Ebonbolt

    Done properly, a reprimand makes everyone want to check their own behavior & tuck in the loose corners. Toshi has “done properly” down pat. Sohn got his own reprimand (short & pointed), so he’s quite chastened; and Audrey just got a lesson in courtesy.

  • I love this perspective! Thanks for sharing it! 🙂