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Pg. 17: Traces and Leads

6 Comments on Pg. 17: Traces and Leads

Orson may have found what he’s looking for.  Now there’s just the small matter of covering his tracks.

So ends Episode One! It’s been a wild ride so far!

During the Withering large quantities of knowledge surrounding science, medical and technological progress were lost. The past two centuries have been a period of simultaneous discovery and re-discovery.

For example: Communication watches (once normal in the early twenty-first century) have only shown up in recent years. They have proven quite popular in certain circles, especially when paired with holographic interfaces.


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  • “Man Down? But he’s up there! I’m so confused…”

  • Havana

    I think we can assume there isn’t an IQ test when it comes to recruiting grunts for the Razors. 🙂

  • PhoenixRaev

    It’s crazy to think if she had been 27 seconds faster in the beginning all of this drama would have been avoided…..

  • l33tninja

    Orson is pretty practically minded.

  • l33tninja

    or if Orson had set the time limit at 21 minutes for a 40 minute run…

  • Rateus

    See, I told you he had awesome shoes. There they are.

    I hope he doesn’t frame the bomber for Tony’s death. That would be mean.