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Pg. 18: Yield

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Toshi’s packing has hit a particularly painful reminder of what he’s leaving behind.  Only 4 pages left to until the conclusion of Episode 2!

Small hand-carved statues, often depicting significant animals, are a common Outlander artifact.  With wood at an absolute premium, they are generally made from a soft stone or hard plastic.  While the level of refinement varies with the carver’s skill, they are almost always personal gifts with significant effort expended for a single intended recipient.


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  • Seth Talon

    Heh.. “rabbit”

  • Sandman366

    You mean Sykes has been looking for runners and had to train them just to find someone with no known previous training doing better than they did?

    He’s realizing he’s been looking in the wrong places the whole time. She can probably name a paycheck twice what she’d expect to get anywhere with an immediate response of being hired.