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Pg. 2: Up and At ‘Em

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Markesha races to her father’s aid and finds strangers standing in her doorway.

The loft above the living room wasn’t always Markesha’s bedroom. As a baby she slept in her parents room, and as a toddler the small couch in the living room served as her bed. But after her mother disappeared Markesha returned to her parents room to sleep by her father’s side, not only for the warmth but to make sure he didn’t leave too. In her early teens Markesha suggested turning the storage loft into a bedroom. Desperate for space to himself, Toshi enthusiastically encouraged the idea. Together they cleared the loft and Markesha made it her own. It took little time for Markesha to learn she could jump from loft to living room. Hearing the WHUMP of his daughter landing in the living room panicked Toshi at first, but over time he’s grown used to it. Now if he doesn’t hear that WHUMP at some point in the day it’s a cause for concern.

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  • Stefan

    That’s quite an entrance by Markesha. I think she impressed Audrey and Link.

    P.S. There seems to be a typo in Markesha’s speech bubble in the last frame. Shouldn’t it be “What’s wronG?”

  • Why do you hate stairs?

  • Nechochwen

    I believe that the intention was to give the impression of her cutting off in the middle of the word.

  • AlanTupper

    She doesn’t *hate* them, persay. She just rarely sees their use when going down things. So many faster routes with less people to get in the way!

  • AlanTupper

    Yarp! I think we’ll probably add in a dash at the end if we get a chance to do another lettering pass on the page.

  • Sandman366

    Training? Who needs training? This is how I get out of bed.
    Take your training class yourself.