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Pg. 20: Termination Clause

4 Comments on Pg. 20: Termination Clause

The Razors get an unexpected surprise and Markesha contemplates the gravity of her options.  Only 2 pages are left in Episode 2!

With prompt medical attention and the right cocktail of expensive pain-killers and antibiotics, it is possible to survive horrendous levels of burns.  For a hefty fee, this can be acquired through the right back-alley channels in Outer Trinity.  The Razors, and especially Carmen, are willing to pay just about anything to keep their hero-leader Toro alive.


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  • Sandman366

    Be a pretty quick end to the comic if what appeared to have been the main protagonist vanished already. (And the other main character’s project got shut down.)

  • Dragoon_of_the_Ages

    He looks like he is not a morning person.

  • Rateus

    I wonder how long it will be before we find out what is in those intriguing sought-after canisters.

  • Rateus

    Erratic sleeping patterns will do that to you, plus he’s been through a lot recently.