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Pg. 22: The Reluctant Dawn

9 Comments on Pg. 22: The Reluctant Dawn

Backed into a corner and finally out of options, Markesha reluctantly agrees to work for Orson. This marks the end of Episode 2! Thanks for riding along with us. Check back next week for a special announcement!

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When the weather, airborne particulate count, and personal sentiments are just right, dawn in Outer Trinity is often a triumphant thing to witness after a long night.

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  • BowenTheKotoc

    “Markesha calling Orson, come in, Orson.”

    …have I already done a Mork and Mindy joke in the comments here? I forget.

  • OMG that made me laugh out loud!
    …You should shorten Markesha to “Mark,” it works a bit better.

    Doom-Doo-Doo Doo Doom, Badda badda boom da-da-doo doom!
    (Alto choir solo!) Aaaahhhh, ahhhhh, aaaaaah ahhhhh!
    Dum-dum dum dum, da da dum da daaaa! Daaahhhhhhh!!
    Sudden cut to black!

  • Screen shrinks down into the corner.
    “Next Episode playing in 15…”
    “Also on Netflix:”

  • Sandman366

    Man, he must be so relieved to hear that.

  • BowenTheKotoc

    Yeah, I considered it, but it felt a little too masculine for her.

  • AlanTupper

    We’re totally taking suggestions on what the end credits song should be. My favorite is “Fly By Night Only” by The Glitch Mob:

  • Rateus

    Would it be boring if I said that’s another lovely sky?

    Because it is!

  • Alan does make them skies right purdy.