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Pg. 3: Visitation

7 Comments on Pg. 3: Visitation

An unexpected visitor cranks Markesha’s stress level to eleven.

While there is in fact a doorbell button for Markesha and Toshi’s apartment, it hasn’t worked in ages.  Not that they’ve noticed, as they seldom get visitors aside from an increasingly crabby Alice.



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  • “Actually I DO know that it doesn’t have any ammo, at least I do now. I have really good hearing.”

  • Those three panels in the middle are just the best.

  • That would be … impressive. That’s some Matt Murdock ish right there.

  • Hah, glad you like them. Markesha definitely wasn’t expecting THAT!

    P.S. Also, thanks for being a long-time fan! 🙂

  • Stig Hemmer

    Well, he was knocking ON the door rather than knocking DOWN the door. That is good.

  • Give him time…

  • Rateus

    I was thinking that too 🙂