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Pg. 4: Acceleration

6 Comments on Pg. 4: Acceleration

Markesha got a lucky break, but outrunning the Razors is gonna take more than jumping a single fence.

Transportation throughout Outer Trinity is a mixed bag. The majority of people walk on foot, though other modes of transport include makeshift hand drawn wagons, the occasional bike and the ever-versatile ATV.

One of the most popular models is the Jerboa (manufactured by House Horne). The Jerboa is compact, swift and fitted to carry up to four passengers. Jerboas are favored for their ability to wind through the small labyrinthine streets of the Outer City and carry moderate loads.

Excessively aggressive driving on unprepared courses is not recommended by the included user pamphlet.

  • Mojinr

    Something tells me Tony doesn’t read user pamphlets. In fact, he might not be much of a reader at all.

  • Zack Gill

    I just got through reading the comic thus far (Kept my promise from
    earlier today at your panel at momocon) All I can say is this:
    excellent, I am 100% hooked and will be an avid watcher from now on. The
    only thing i found was a small grammar error on Pg 13 Drop off, one of
    the dialogue bubbles reads “Good. On to other business. What this about
    adding more guards at the market? Thats redundant Orson.” I’m pretty
    sure that you guys meant to say ‘What’s this about adding more guards at
    the market? Aside from this I found no other errors. Looking forward to
    reading more guys!

  • mermaidshells

    Believe it or not, most people in the outer city aren’t readers. It’s more common to find someone not being able to read vs a literate person, though some families continue to pass the information down through generations. Markesha’s lucky she has a writer for a dad! Toshi taught both Markesha and her mother how to read!

  • mermaidshells

    Thanks for catching that Zack!

  • l33tninja

    lol at Tony.

  • Rateus

    Cleared for driving by whom? I hope he can parallel park ;-p