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Pg. 4: Labor Relations

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Markesha meets her coworkers, but Toshi can’t stick around. He has deadlines to hit.

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Cotton bandages are clearly well outside the price range of the average citizen in Trinity.  Fortunately, there’s been some innovation into cheap synthetic absorptive materials over the centuries since the Withering, and multiple Houses (including House Wright) offer a dizzying array of low(-ish) cost bandages.  With medical supplies being the #3 commodity sold in Trinity after food and fuel, it’s a lucrative business to be in.

From the Official Kamikaze Wiki Entry: “Bandages”

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  • Rateus

    Deadlines calling… someone this has much more resonance coming from webcomic producers!

    Edit: Also, oh God I’m up to day. What a day! I think I’ll need another pass to check for details I missed first time through, but I was greedy to know where the story was going 🙂

  • Read over the descriptions below the pages. There’s TONS of world building info in there 🙂
    Thanks so much for reading, and leaving us so many comments. You’ve really made our day! 😀

  • Rateus

    It was absolutely my pleasure 🙂

  • Sandman366

    His expression turns from “Oh what a headache…” to “Please be out of my hair soon please please please” rather….worryingly quickly….

  • SparkyDragon

    Hey, I’ve caught up!

    Found you guys on TopWebComics, read the whole thing in one go. I’ll definitely be back! (And you can be sure I’d watch the heck out of this if it got made into an animated series, too!)

  • Rateus

    Excited for your first new page after catching up on the whole archive? I know I am!