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Pg. 5: Breaking It Down

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Getting rid of evidence and dodging Audrey’s side eye – all in a days’ work for Mr. O!

The ability to wear multiple hats on the job is a big plus in Orson’s book. Everyone does their fair share on his team. Audrey is a brilliant physicist and talented engineer, but has experience working with the human machine as well. She grew up bouncing between helping her mother in repair shop, and helping her father run a make-shift emergency clinic. Under her mother’s eye she gained practical experience with machines, building her first robot when she was three. Under her fathers’ watch she trained as a paramedic, administering her first IV line at four-years-old. Orson learned about Audrey’s medical skills a few weeks after hiring her – she pulled a bullet from his leg without pause.

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  • That’s a pretty ridiculous acid to be able to dissolve metal that fast.

  • The benefits of the ~*~*~*FUTURE*~*~*~!

  • You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s probably not metal, but some new form of carbon-ceramic composite.
    It might be reasonable to have an acid that could break-down one of its primary components, leaving a slurry of recyclable material that fails to carry enough distinguishing characteristics to match a bullet with it.

  • pIscript

    “este (doar) complet….” in place of “are doar complet dus cu pluta”

  • l33tninja

    and what is it stored in . . .

  • Rateus

    Aqua-regia plus!