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  • Mike South

    Watching the original Max Headroom series is the first place I remember experiencing this “runner guided by voice in ear” thing. It was nice to be taken back to that by reading this.

  • monster x

    what are you rendering sketchup in

  • AlanTupper

    Great question! We use sketchup as our set-building tool. Our process has evolved a bit, but the basic flow is that we export the framed camera angle of the Sketchup model to Illustrator. There we create a vector-art version of the background and make a greyscale “tone map” from it. This lets us get the basic light/dark relationship for each panel in. The vector tone map then goes to Photoshop, where we use it to build up layers of color (mostly with overlays and gradient maps). Finally we add in any remaining texture.

  • Rateus

    Are all tables bullet-proof, they get used as shields a lot!