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Pg. 7: Link: Established

6 Comments on Pg. 7: Link: Established

Audrey introduces Link to Markesha and immediately regrets it.

The public perspective of Spyders is left in either one of two camps – romanticized as keyboard cowboys or vilified as data-stealing desperados. The world of a mercenary hacker can be quite glamorous depending on how high-stakes the jobs are, but the risks are just as great. Talented hackers are pulled into the fold early usually learning from family or paired with mentors who teach their wards for a fee. From the Official Kamikaze Wiki Entry “Public Opinion of Spyders”

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  • Rateus

    Pleased to meet you Link, are the fancy markings on your head symbolic or functional?

  • AlanTupper

    Good question. They’re decorative, but the little circles are over some subdermal implants he has in his cranium.

  • Rateus

    Reminded me of an old-school circuit board.

  • AlanTupper

    Indeed it does! My dad is actually an electrical engineer, so it’s possible I stole some inspiration from my childhood 😛

  • Rateus

    Lovely subtle work.

  • Otterkit

    Poor Audrey, she has what amounts to a horny teenage brother….