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Pg. 8: The Line Up

11 Comments on Pg. 8: The Line Up

Jackal’s ill-fated mission is displayed for all to see, but it’s not Jackal that catches the Council’s attention.

In the 200 years since the Withering, organized religion has shifted, combined and in some cases simply morphed into entirely new ideas. Most citizens in Trinity follow a relatively new sect known as The Ivory Bull and the Ebon Bear. These deities represent the duality of success and failure. The Ivory Bull representing prosperity and good fortune, while the Ebon Bear represents loss and ill fortune. Adherents worship both deities as two parts of the same whole. The phase, “By the Bull’s Horns!” is a common saying of surprise among the faithful. As such phrases like “Bullshit” aren’t just seen as rude but regarded as downright sacrilegious.


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  • Purphoros

    Wallstreet turned into a religion, huh? Now that’s interesting.

    By the way, “sect” actually means a split group of a previously existing religion (like catholics and protestants are sects of christianity, for example), is that the case? If not, maybe “cult” “faith” or just plain “religion” would be better.

    Also, if “dust” is bad, shouldn’t “dusting” be a praise? ^^

  • Sandman366

    And here I for some reason thought Orson as someone a bit more….upstanding who also happened to be working with/in/against/something about the underground….stuff.

    Gives off a rather….official impression. (Based on those particular choice “slurs”, sounds like because he was….)

  • I love how Orson’s picture has his back turned.
    But yeah, this is not the impression of him I expected these people to have. Now I must know about his history and place in the world.

  • Why would dusting be praise? I’m having a hard time thinking of any foul words that become praise used that way.

  • Purphoros

    Because dusting means removing dust.
    noun [ U ] UK ​ /ˈdʌs.tɪŋ/ US ​ /ˈdʌs.tɪŋ/
    dusting noun [ U ] (CLEANING)
    the activity of removing dust from furniture, books, etc.:

  • That’s true.
    Counter-point: when people use words as curses they aren’t usually following the deeper meaning of those words.

  • Purphoros

    True as well.
    How on earth can such an enjoyable and necessary activity as copulation be used as a curse?
    And then, why the fuck is it called “curses” and “swearing” anyway when both is not really involved?

    Silly humans…

  • Hey! Watch your dusting mouth! There could be children on this site!

  • Purphoros

    Oh, my apologies to the children then.
    It would be awful if some child is innocently reading this story about a gang-ravaged dystopian future where people get squashed by antigrav fields and shot in the street only to have this age-appropriate experience ruined and be traumatized by my use of an expletive. ^_^

    …Oh wait, that was a joke about your nickname. Hahah, I’m so oblivious sometimes.

  • AlanTupper

    Well, this has been quite the dust-up.

  • AlanTupper

    Good point WRT “sect”. It probably started out as a sect, but at this point is pretty much a religion into itself.