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Pg. 8: Wasted Opportunity


While Toshi sees the merit of Orson’s actions, Markesha is thoroughly uninterested in Orson’s offer.

Waste management is a problem that seems to have little solutions in Outer Trinity. Recycling is bizarrely still around, though on a more personal scale.  Plastic or glass bottles become building insulation, metals are melted down and given new life as all manners of objects, and plastics are reused in just about everything.  Un-recyclable waste is still a huge problem, and most people pile it into street alleys. While many homes use small incinerators for heating, they’re glitchy and often cause more house fires than waste reducing.

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  • Dusty Coyote

    Still here, still reading, still excited for the next page.

  • So glad you’re still here, reading, and excited! More is coming. Promise ;)