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Pg. 9: Guilty Apparel

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Markesha’s become the target of Carmen’s undivided suspicion.  Worse still, Carmen has evidence to back it up.

Hackers known as Spyders are in the employ of just about anyone who can pay them, and the Razors have a small team in their ranks. Nabbing camera feeds is a core component of Spyder work, but there’s not much to grab when cameras are turned off. In order for the cameras to go dark following the bombing would have required a significant amount of power and access to accomplish. These assets are resources the Razors have been losing at a steady stream, and without camera feeds the only testimony to find their bomber is a smattering of eyewitness accounts.

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  • “Well I know its not my hat; my hat was destroyed in the bomb that went off.”

  • Otterbane

    I just found Kamikaze through TopWebcomics, you guys had a nice little square-ad down the bottom of a voting page, and I was immediately taken by the art style, so I gave it a look, and what do I find? Something amazing.

    I’m loving it so far, I really like the little bits and pieces about the world in the descriptions of the pages as well. The art is truly amazing as well, it reminds me a lot of some old cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

    I can’t wait to see where this goes, I really hope Toshi stays safe :c He’s my favourite character so far, such a sweet guy.

  • AlanTupper

    Thank you so much for the amazing love! Really glad the ad from TWC brought you in, it’s been great to see so many new readers coming in to check out the story.

  • AlanTupper

    “…I mean.”

  • Dogma

    Wouldn’t the obvious rebuff be something like “L-lots of hats fit me. I…I’m pretty average.”? After all, she might have a super athletic build due to all the parkour, but heads generally don’t change physical size.

  • Mark Linimon


  • Rateus

    Dude, it’s a baseball cap. On size fits all.

  • Originally had a line just like that but cut it because Marksha isn’t so stupid to say that to a person holding a gun in her face.

  • It was her mistake to keep her hair in purple after losing a purple hat.