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Hiatus: Kidscreen 2019

Hiatus: Kidscreen 2019 published on No Comments on Hiatus: Kidscreen 2019

Another hiatus. Markesha’s annoyed about it, but what else is new?

Hello from sunny Miami, Kamikaze Fans! This week we’re at Kidscreen, an animation summit where we’re pitching to heavy hitters in the industry. We’re making connections with everyone from animation service studios, musicians, producers, executives, directors and fellow developers like ourselves. While we adore making comics a big goal for Kamikaze has been to get Markesha off the page and onto screen. Networking at Kidscreen will bring us that much closer to you seeing your faves of Trinity come to life. So we hope you’ll forgive us for the hiatus. We’ll be back next week – same dusting time, same dusting channel!

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