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Pg. 2: Cartwheel

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Markesha’s been called out, but father and daughter are talking past each other.


Toshi’s headphones are, much like his computer deck, an ancient model. They’re new to him, though! A gift given to him by Markesha for his last birthday, he treasures this little bit of uncomplicated technology that allow him to listen to music.

Pg. 36: Some Questions

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Markesha has no patience for anything but answers, and Audrey’s willing to give what she can.

Working on Orson’s team means you have to be willing to come to the table and take orders, no questions asked…until you’ve proven yourself reliable. Orson doesn’t mind a simple question here or there, but what he does mind is timing. New recruits rarely get anything out of Orson, but those that stick around longer and prove themselves are given small tidbits of information. The problem is the answers they’re given can vary wildly. In this game the only person with all the answers is Orson, and he wants it to stay that way.

Pg. 35: The Signal and The Noise

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Markesha wants answers and she’s determined to get them from Audrey, but first Link needs to stop talking.

Radio etiquette isn’t exactly a required skill for being a Spyder. In the early days of the team, Audrey and Orson had to deal with Link’s lack of comm-line manners. There were times during missions that Link would hum, make popping noises with his mouth, or eat without putting his mic on mute. The straw that broke the camel’s back happened when Link was listening to music during a mission and started giving the current recruit tone-deaf “theme music.” Orson snapped, and Link sulked for a week, but then his old habits came back. It’s taken a while to impress upon Link that his radio chatter isn’t needed or wanted, but potentially dangerous for recruits in the field. Curbing Link’s chatterbox nature is a work in constant progress.

Pg. 34: Counter Interception

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Audrey makes her move to recover Markesha but is surprised by the new recruit.

As a last ditch preventative measure during violent gang conflicts, residents in the affected area will lock all doors and windows before fleeing. Making a building somewhat impenetrable means less structure damage and less looting of property. This was a pretty effective tactic unless a gang was particularly motivated to get inside. In the past heavy artillery of any kind was rarely used by gangs as the damage was seen as a loss to the winning AND losing side. It wasn’t until the DireDogs took to the streets that sophisticated heavy weapons and explosives were used regularly in territory battles. With House Pierce backing them, the DireDogs have the resources to rebuild any lost property. At the end of the day the DireDogs don’t care how much they destroy as long as they achieve their objectives.

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