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Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 23: Engaged

Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 23: Engaged published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Page 23: Engaged

Markesha’s choice to trust Audrey pays off, but for how long?

Let’s say you’re inside Inner Trinity and the sun has just set. You look out from the balcony of your luxurious home in a House compound, and beyond the croplands to the massive Wall that protects your crops. You would see a warm glow that lightly rimmed the Wall from below – this would be the lights of the Outer City. On a clear night this warm light can look like an ever present after glow of the setting sun. Some residents of the Inner City find the sight romantic. Others don’t see the whimsical sun set. Instead, they see fire, and it reminds them of their precarious position in the Inner City. After all, there are more people beyond the Wall and power is a fickle mistress.

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Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 22: Point of Ascension

Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 22: Point of Ascension published on No Comments on Ep. 3 Act 3 Pg. 22: Point of Ascension

Markesha’s made it to her jump point, and now she’s come face to face with just how big a jump it is.

We’re back! Thank you to everyone who stuck with us through the hiatus, and hello to all the new readers!

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Hiatus Update: Good News Everyone!

Hiatus Update: Good News Everyone! published on No Comments on Hiatus Update: Good News Everyone!

Kamikaze Episode 3 will be resuming next week! Alan can no longer prevent Carrie from sneaking into the studio to work on pages, so the jig is up! In all seriousness, thank you all for your patience as we’ve healed and scrambled around getting all these extraordinary projects started. Kamikaze is what it is because of our fans and we love all of you, even the ones who get bitey in the comments!

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Hiatus Announcements!

Hiatus Announcements! published on No Comments on Hiatus Announcements!

Hi all! We might be on hiatus, but there’s still a ton of stuff happening we want to share with you. Carrie is feeling better every day and we can’t wait to start posting again soon!

If you’re in Atlanta this weekend, join us at Multiverse Con! Our lead character artist Havana is a guest this year, and we can’t wait to see everyone. The convention has a jam-packed schedule of panels for Havana, and Alan will be at the table slinging books including…

Kamikaze Volume 1 2nd print edition is finally ACTUALLY being debuted this weekend! Thank you to everyone for your patience. In addition to Carrie’s recent hospital journey, we discovered a big problem with our print run which we had to correct before we could start selling the books. It’s been fixed, and we can’t wait to show the new books off at Multiverse!

Finally, we’re really excited to announce our upcoming animated short Kickstarter is also a comic anthology Kickstarter! “Short Circuits” will be a 64 page full color anthology of Kamikaze short comics by guest writers including Dan Jolley, Malissa White, Robert K Jeffery, and John Robinson IV! Make sure to sign up for our email list for more info!

Animated Short Kickstarter Announcement

Animated Short Kickstarter Announcement published on No Comments on Animated Short Kickstarter Announcement

It’s been a long time coming, and we’re almost there! Kamikaze is finally coming to animation, and we’d love your help getting it across the finish line. Sign up for our mailing list to find out more, including a special surprise we’re working on for the campaign!

Hiatus Post: True Blue

Hiatus Post: True Blue published on No Comments on Hiatus Post: True Blue

Hey all, our hiatus is going to continue for a few more weeks as Carrie gets back up on her feet. This week we wanted to take a moment to share a message close to our hearts.

If you’re looking for a quick way to make a difference, recent studies have shown planting new trees is one of the most effective methods we have today to combat climate change. CarbonFund is a charity which will plant one tree for every dollar donated. Check them out today!

Hiatus Post: The Prestige

Hiatus Post: The Prestige published on No Comments on Hiatus Post: The Prestige

Hey all! Carrie’s illness has been a bit more than we were expecting, but she’s on the mend! This week we bring you Markesha’s destination: The King and Queen Towers of Outer Trinity.

Largely a tourist trap for Inner Trinity denizens looking for an exciting place to slum it, the King and Queen towers are the tallest buildings in the Outer City. Located in East Gate, these towers are owned by two separate landlords who have kept trying to outdo the other. One builds higher, then the other retaliates. The taller is called the king, the shorter the queen, and the titles swap about every three months as more and more building material is added.

Hiatus: Revenge of the Print Run

Hiatus: Revenge of the Print Run published on No Comments on Hiatus: Revenge of the Print Run

Hiatus Time! This go around it’s Carrie’s turn to be ill. We have some exciting news though, this weekend we will be debuting the 2nd Print Edition of Kamikaze Volume 1! If you want a copy of your very own, head here and get yourself a copy! We will be shipping them out next week. If you can’t wait that long and you’re in the Washington DC area this weekend we’ll be (health permitting) at the 2019 Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD.

The second print edition comes with a new pass on the colors, (slightly) less foul language, and a shiny new cover design. Reserve your copy here!

Pg. 21: Alias

Pg. 21: Alias published on No Comments on Pg. 21: Alias

With a solemn promise made, Markesha strikes out on her very first mission.

Over the years Orson’s worked with a plethora of people who’ve had a wide array of call-signs. Comm-line communication has been a staple throughout his career. The process of finding a call-sign is a personal one, and Orson’s detailed attention to each assignment endeared him to many of those under his leadership. His own call-sign, Odyssey, has never been explained to anyone on his team, but few have had the courage to ask. The only person whose come close has been Audrey. Orson considered answering the question, before he realized she wasn’t asking about its significance. Rather, she didn’t know what the word meant. His response was predictably laconic, “It means a very long journey, Miss Dalma.”

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