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Pg. 11: Mutual Assistance

Pg. 11: Mutual Assistance published on No Comments on Pg. 11: Mutual Assistance

Markesha has several dangerous options, but there’s a clear choice.

Let’s say that the proverbial shit has hit the fan and you’ve got to get out of town before daggers decorate your back. The tried and true way is finding room on a trade convoy to your safe destination with the help of a coyote, like Rio. If a coyote can’t be found, bribing a convoy worker to stow away is a viable option – until you’re found. Stowaways aren’t welcome travelers and you’d be dumped amid the wastes for the offense. Traveling thousands of miles by foot is difficult in the best of conditions, but in a world that’s turned into a dustbowl it’s a guaranteed death sentence. Happy trails!

Pg. 10: Square One Point Five

Pg. 10: Square One Point Five published on No Comments on Pg. 10: Square One Point Five

The engineer’s returned, which means Markesha has to face her coworkers.

Whenever Markesha’s about to head out on a job, Toshi has a simple ritual she must follow: touch the pendant of the necklace worn around his wrist They’ve done this for 11 years. Toshi doesn’t think of himself as a superstitious man, but he can’t argue that when Markesha touches the pendant he manages to worry less, and she manages to stay out of trouble (for the most part). In fact, Toshi can remember the few times Markesha didn’t touch the necklace and how disastrous the consequences were – muggings, falls, fractures, broken ribs, a lacerated kidney, a stabbing. The list goes on. Toshi doesn’t mind Markesha’s grumblings as long as she’s safe, and in his mind this little ritual seems to keep her that way.

Revenge of the Hiatus

Revenge of the Hiatus published on No Comments on Revenge of the Hiatus

We’re embarrassed to report the hiatus will be continuing for an additional week while we’re out of town. Please accept this Flying Markesha (by Alan) as a token of our gratitude for your patience!

As a indie comic crew, Team Kamikaze travels around a lot. Because we post weekly, this often means we’re taking the next week’s comic page on the road and finishing it between convention appearances, and family get-togethers. We’ve become pretty practiced at making sure we’ve got all the pieces we need before we set out. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen this time! We’re never happy when we have to push back a comic page, and we hope you’ll bear with us through this oversight.

Pg. 8: Impassive

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Orson succeeds getting under Ifrit’s skin and pays the price for it.

As Commander of the HSF, one has the entire army of Trinity’s Halo Security Forces at their disposal. They report to and work directly under the Trinity Council, but have the freedom to do as they see fit to keep the last defense of the city protected form the outside world. While the role comes with plenty of power, the Inner City has had to add checks and balances to the role. In the 200 years of Trinity history, 23 HSF Commanders have been sentenced to exile or death due to Inner City paranoia of a coup. Wield your power too loosely and the role could cost you your life. Commanding the HSF is a job that requires a certain degree of political subtlety. David Ifrit has never been a subtle man.

Pg. 5: The Coward

Pg. 5: The Coward published on No Comments on Pg. 5: The Coward

Julian’s questions leave Orson feeling cold, but this day could get much, much worse.

News Media outlets in Trinity are rarely of an unbiased nature seeing as all of them are run by different Houses in the Inner City. Broadcasts and reporting anywhere outside of the Inner City are spun by the House media commission to whatever best benefits the party with the most power. For example, shortly after the announcement of Everett becoming Yvonne’s hier he got a cold. Seeing as he was a miserable mess (and probably contagious) Yvonne put him on bedrest. The Pierce News Network spun this as Yvonne reconsidering her decision, and that the fate of House Heritage was left to an, “old and infirm woman who can’t remember what she had for breakfast much less who she chose as an heir.”

Pg. 4: In Waiting

Pg. 4: In Waiting published on No Comments on Pg. 4: In Waiting

Back in the Halo, Logan relishes seeing Constance’s anxiety at seeing someone from her past, and Julian pushes Orson for answers.


The skill of driving isn’t necessary to many in Trinity. In fact it’s seen largely as a trade skill. For Outer City citizens driving or flying is something to put on the resume, a skill used to obtain the next job. For those of Inner Trinity driving is a leisure activity, and considered quite old fashioned by comparison to flight. Flying is a pastime in Inner Trinity used as both a means of showcasing status, providing transport to other city states and blowing off steam. Logan’s interest in flight has pushed his hobby to new heights. House Pierce holds popular airshows and has a dedicated “flight club” for Inner Trinity’s elite. Pierce even has a limited run of luxury flight crafts that are personally overseen by Logan himself. These crafts are sold exclusively to Inner City citizens or visiting dignitaries.

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