Two centuries after a global ecological disaster, the worlds of a mysterious covert operation and a young courier collide when a critical mission is blown.

Markesha Nin only wants one thing: to find a better life for herself and her father. Hell bent on escaping the only home she’s ever known for a better place, she takes a risky job that blows up in her face. Caught in a deadly trap with nowhere to turn, her only chance at finding a better life could ensnare her in a dangerous game she may never escape.

Kamikaze is an award winning webcomic series inspired in equal parts by popular sci-fi, animation, and a wide range of current affairs. With a rich world and complex character driven storylines the series is an action-packed tale with an intimate dramatic heart.

Pg. 5: Storm Warning

Pg. 5: Storm Warning published on 6 Comments on Pg. 5: Storm Warning

It’s a quiet morning in Inner Trinity, and closed talks are going on inside the Trinity Council about an oncoming storm. Kickstarter backers! We’re expecting to pick up the books today, so expect an update soon with details on shipping. We are also excited to announce we will be attending the Small Press Expo in… Continue reading Pg. 5: Storm Warning

Pg. 6: The Storm and the Sworn

Pg. 6: The Storm and the Sworn published on 2 Comments on Pg. 6: The Storm and the Sworn

A strong storm is bearing down on Trinity, and keeping the croplands safe is the first thing on everyone’s minds. It’s a busy week for the team, so the page is a little different from what you may be used to.  The first round of Kickstarter backer rewards are going out today, and we’ll be… Continue reading Pg. 6: The Storm and the Sworn

Pg. 7: Don’t Call Him David

Pg. 7: Don’t Call Him David published on 4 Comments on Pg. 7: Don’t Call Him David

As the HSF Commander takes the podium, council business goes from weather fronts to Outer City battle fronts. Team Kamikaze is back from Canada, and we’ll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta this weekend! Hope to see you there!