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Pg. 15: Invasive Procedures

Pg. 15: Invasive Procedures published on No Comments on Pg. 15: Invasive Procedures

Markesha is introduced to the biometric tech, but when Audrey gets lost in translation Markesha’s temper flares up all over again.

Medi-data Biometric Chips are required for anyone joining the HSF or other security forces within the Halo and Inner City. These chips are powered by the natural electric currents running through the human body. They allow physicians to quickly diagnose patients, and keep military leaders informed of casualties the second they happen. Audrey convinced Orson to obtain a few of these chips and modified them to include tracker beacons. She’s been able to diagnose and clear up medical maladies to ensure her coworkers are at peak physical health. This is both a blessing and a curse, as it means Link can’t get away with “playing sick” to get out of work, and Orson is side-eyed for pulling all-nighters. Audrey does keep track of her own records but the information is kept to herself. This is not due to lack of trust in her team, but rather their lack of training. When it comes to the medical data that Audrey gathers, beyond the basics Orson and Link aren’t sure of what they’re looking at.

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